2021 Editorial


August Print

Annual Meetings

Technology Spotlight:
Enabling Technology

Lessons for Success:
Product Development
for ASCs

Ad close date: 7/22/2021
Materials due: 7/30/2021

(issue ships 8/23/2021)

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Our editorial priority is to bolster your product development initiatives by educating you on business-critical topics that fuel prosperity. We apprise you of competitive landscapes, pioneering advancements, market shifts, regulatory changes, human behavior, digital technology and more.

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Technology Spotlight – Digital Technology

Lessons for Success – Market Entry Strategies for Startups


Technology Spotlight – Patient Tracking Technology

Lessons for Success – Product Development in a Virtual World


Print issue

Print Theme –Breakthrough Technology Landscape

Technology Spotlight – Sports Medicine

Lessons for Success – Remote Product Development

Ad close date: 2/18/2021
Materials due: 2/26/2021
(issue ships 3/22/2021)


Technology Spotlight – New Biomaterials

Lessons for Success – EU MDR Compliance


Technology Spotlight – Instruments


Print issue

Print Theme – State of Orthopedics

Technology Spotlight – Joint Replacement

Lessons for Success – Choosing an Additive Manufacturing Technology

Ad close date: 4/28/2021
Materials due: 5/7/2021
(issue ships 6/1/2021)


Technology Spotlight – Virtual Reality

Lessons for Success – Developing a New Biomaterial


Print issue

Print Theme – AAOS and NASS Annual Meetings

Technology Spotlight – Enabling Technologies

Lessons for Success – Product Development for the ASC Market

Ad close date: 7/22/2021
Materials due: 7/30/2021
(issue ships 8/23/2021)


Technology Spotlight – Orthobiologics

Lessons for Success – Choosing a New Material for Your Next Device

Meeting Content – NASS


Print issue

Print Theme – Orthopedics: The Next 20 Years
(Celebrating 20 years of BONEZONE)

Technology Spotlight – Spine

Ad close date: 9/16/2021
Materials due: 9/24/2021
(issue ships 10/14/2021)


Technology Spotlight – Artificial Intelligence

Lessons for Success – Designing Tight Tolerances


Print issue

Print Theme – Annual Supplier Directory

Technology Spotlight – Trauma

Lessons for Success – Vetting a New Supplier

Ad close date: 11/11/2021
Materials due: 11/19/2021
(issue ships 12/20/2021)

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