SINTX Technologies Ships First Order of FleX SN-PEEK Composite

SINTX Technologies announced the first shipment of its new FleX SN-PEEK product for use in orthopedic implants.

SINTX’s FleX SN-PEEK product combines the bioactivity of silicon nitride with the familiarity and properties of Zeniva PEEK, which was supplied by Solvay. The composite material has a broad range of applications from spine surgery to joint replacements to craniomaxillofacial medical devices. Based on data from the Company’s silicon nitride, FleX SN-PEEK is expected to facilitate faster bone healing, improve radiographic imaging, avoid metal ion release in the body, and have broad-spectrum resistance to infection compared to PEEK alone.

Zeniva PEEK demonstrates a favorable material modulus, ease of manufacturing, established clinical record and a track record of use in orthopedics. SINTX believes the combination of PEEK with silicon nitride’s osteogenic and antipathogenic properties results in a truly innovative product.

“Our line of FleX SN-PEEK products opens doors to new biomedical areas like craniomaxillofacial, and foot osteotomy and fusion,” said Michael Marcroft, SINTX Vice President of Business Development. “Surgeons are constantly looking for materials and procedures that improve outcomes and reduce complications, and our material fulfills that demand.”

Source: SINTX Technologies


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