Acme Manufacturing Unveils New Logo and Branding to Match Innovative Focus

Acme Manufacturing, a global leader in integrated robotic automation for surface finishing systems, unveiled its new logo to symbolize its modern focus. The new design aligns with the company’s role as an industry leader in innovation.

“The new logo and branding demonstrate our drive for continuing to innovate and bring modern, technology-focused products to our customers,” said John McGrane, Acme’s Marketing Manager.

With the new logo, Acme wanted to preserve their legacy by retaining similar elements of their past designs. The globe shape stands out from the text, serving as a modern representation of Acme’s expanding global footprint. The clean Roboto font style aligns with the automation technology that Acme engineers. The tagline “Shaping the future since 1910” contains a clever double meaning; it references the company’s fourth generation of family ownership, along with the company’s specialty in shaping materials through grinding, polishing, buffing, and deburring.

During the past year, Acme made many internal process changes that led to higher efficiency and more innovative solutions. This forward motion instigated the need for a new logo to reflect the focus on perpetual innovation in a global market.

“Our business is expanding as the world shifts towards more automated processes and, with that, we will be expanding our digital footprint,” said Fritz Carlson, Acme’s President and CEO. “As automation continues to grow and advance in the subtractive manufacturing/surface finishing space, Acme wants to be the first place that customers look to find the most innovative solutions.”

Source: Acme Manufacturing


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