Relatable Launches Inaugural Physician Advisory Board

Relatable Healthcare, a venture-backed business intelligence technology platform for surgeons and medical device manufacturers based in Nashville, has created a clinical brain trust that includes Dr. Rajiv Sethi of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health in Seattle, Dr. Han Jo Kim of Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and Dr. Robert Eastlack of Scripps in San Diego.

Noting Relatable’s provider-focused analytics solutions, Dr. Kim writes, “Relatable’s ability to take vast amounts of data and make sense of it on a clinical and operational level is what excites me about the company now and in the future as the execution of high-value care becomes increasingly important.”

A foundational piece of Relatable’s solutions is a knowledge base of detailed and comparative information on implants and supplies. One of the biggest opportunities Dr. Sethi sees is the ability for Relatable to “bridge the information gap” between specialized surgeons and those they work with (staff and device sales personnel attending surgeries), “increasing awareness not only of cost drivers but also options to improve.”

Dr. Eastlack, alternatively, is looking further out to an era of greater supplier accountability and transparency: “Relatable has the potential to be the standard in tracking real-world outcome data and its association with the utilization of specific medical devices/implants – it’s only a matter of time before that happens here in the US, and allows for more cost-effective resource use.”

Relatable is forging robust databases and engineering streamlined software solutions to help organizations understand, compare, and discuss medical devices.



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