Makevale Recognized for Innovation in Polymers to Repair Bones

Makevale has been awarded the highly coveted Queen’s Award for Innovation, given for the company’s development of acrylic polymers used in the repair of bones, as well as other medical and technical end-uses.

Makevale’s acrylic powders are used to repair bones in orthopedic surgery. The company’s current phase of research will lead to new 3D printing resins and new composite materials to replace knee cartilage.

Makevale Group has two manufacturing sites in the U.K., one in Asia and distribution centers in the U.S. – St George Technology and China, which synthesize specialty acrylic bead polymers for a wide variety of applications and industries. These acrylic powders are manufactured and processed using proprietary techniques and are in some cases blended with additives/pigments depending on a client’s specific requirements.