Overcome Inventory and Distribution Hurdles with Thoughtful Strategy and Quality Systems


Inventory management and distribution is a passion of ours at Millstone Medical. After all, we consider these more than simple capabilities. They are the foundation of your success as a medical device manufacturer.

Why? Managing inventory and distribution well provides what your customers—and patients—need, when and where they need it. Excellence yields benefits for you, too, like operational efficiency and access to more working capital.

Simple to say, hard to accomplish—that’s the challenge, of course. Overcoming inventory and distribution hurdles requires a well-thought-out strategy and robust quality systems.

Allow us to share more on our perspective. Strategy involves taking a circle-of-life view of the inventory management process. To us, being truly strategic means bringing together the three pieces of the inventory management and distribution puzzle: finished goods, reverse logistics and loaner kits. Arguably, reverse logistics programs, which reclaim and redeploy usable inventory back into the field, and loaner kit management are where the real opportunities lie, like the ability to maintain a smaller overall inventory footprint while still meeting market demand.

If finished goods, reverse logistics and loaner kit management are three pieces of a puzzle, a quality system is what drives everything. A quality system gives you the confidence that everything you send out is ready for surgery—that it’s clean, functioning, complete and 100% ready for use, without exception or question.

At Millstone, we’ve created a quality system that matches that of our manufacturers. Every day, we process thousands of pieces in our 276,000-square-foot Memphis-area facility. Everything we do is traceable, from loaner kit replenishment to finished goods inspection to shipping. If an item is ordered today, we can ship it today.

That’s because we recognize how important every order is to you, no matter how large or small your company is. Your inventory management and distribution needs are absolutely crucial to your patients and your business success. These capabilities underpin your performance, success and patient outcomes. At Millstone, we challenge our processes every day to make sure that everything we send out is perfect, every time. That’s how seriously we take inventory management and distribution, and it’s why we’re thrilled to sponsor this special section of BONEZONE.

We invite you to dive in, to delve deeper into inventory management and distribution, to look at new ideas that can elevate how you handle them—and excel.

Brad Schwarz, General Manager – Millstone Olive Branch, MS