Iotron Opens New IMPELA Electron-beam Processing Facility in Northeast Indiana

Iotron Industries formally launched an expanded role in the U.S. market with the opening of its new state-of-the-art IMPELA® electron-beam processing facility in northeast Indiana on March 15. The new $15.3 million facility will provide contract sterilization, materials modification and microbial reduction for the orthopedic, medical device, plastics/polymer and other industries, according to Tino Pereira, president and CEO.

The 10 MeV (million volts) MW accelerator uses Green (electricity-fueled) technology and is more powerful than several other electron-beam facilities in the U.S. Iotron’s versatile IMPLELA technology is expected to allow more companies to covert to or embrace electron-beam services in their manufacturing processes.

The Canadian facilities of Iotron already do business with American-based orthopedic companies, including companies located in the greater Warsaw area. “We have industry and academic expertise available to those companies who want to convert to or consider electron-beam processing as a replacement for gamma or gas [ethylene oxide gas],” explained Pereira. Iotron’s powerful electron-beam accelerator uses neither radioactive cobalt material nor hazardous gas to provide its services.

Source: Iotron Industries