LVR and STRobotics Automated Optical Comparator Technology for Bone Screw Inspection

Lakeview Vision & Robotics (Chicago, IL) and STRobotics (Cambridge, UK) announce a new technology for the inspection and measurement of bone screws using an automated optical comparator process.

Using a completely digital process, the technology compares images of a screw in inspection to images of a “golden screw” (first article inspection) through an 18 step rotation and, for each comparison, displays a difference result based on a subtraction of the “golden” image. Mechanical variations are compensated through proprietary algorithms. Images are resolved at a resolution of less than .002”. Each 18 image inspection takes approximately 2.5 minutes.

The Automated Optical Comparator Technology can be also be used to calculate screw holding power, major and minor diameters, flank angles and other critical measures.

Source: Lakeview Vision & Robotics