Spartanics Unveils L-350 High Speed Laser Cutting Machine

Spartanics unveiled the L-350 High Speed Laser Cutting Machine for medical device and biotech product developers who seek best-in-class laser cutting machine technology to use both with flexo overruns and in-line or off-line with digital presses.

Unlike similarly-priced laser cutters sold in the world market, Spartanics L-350 High Speed Laser Cutting Machine’s single laser head design enables highest quality cuts with a 210 micron spot size in a 350 mm cutting field at speeds as fast as 80 meters/minute. Like every Spartanics laser cutting machine model, the L-350 automates optimization of web speed, eliminates quality issues in many applications that require stitching cuts from two laser sources, enables job changeovers on-the-fly and is widely recognized as the most operator-friendly technology due to its intuitive operator interface and “behind-the-scenes” sophisticated control engineering software.

Spartanics L-350 High Speed Laser Cutting Machine includes UV coating stations, lamination, slitting and sheeting options. Superior cut quality is achieved with polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, metalized and paper among a wide range of other materials. Like other Spartanics Laser Cutting Machines, only sealed CO2 supplies are used to power lasers, both to minimize costs for CO2 and to avoid the inherent quality issues of open CO2 delivery systems.

Source: Spartanics