Materials Matter: Industry Experts Discuss Advancements in Orthopedics

Materials will play a prime role in advancing orthopedics, as the industry drives towards device solutions that positively impact patient outcomes, reduce procedural cost and support an aging population. Materials and their corresponding characteristics can significantly impact the efficacy of the devices they are made into and should be considered at the starting point of device manufacturing. Understanding of trends, challenges and changing regulations will better position you to identify gaps from a materials perspective and allow you to explore opportunities paramount to your device’s evolution.

Carpenter Technology assembled diversified representation from OEM, contract manufacturing and other industry expertise to cover orthopedic macro trends impacting material needs. The discussion provided critical insight and practical advice on the impact of EU MDR and the use of cobalt, the emergence of robotic and minimally invasive procedures, advancement of additive manufacturing and more.

Brent Marini, Medical Strategic Business Developer, Carpenter Technology
In his role, Marini works toward elevating Carpenter as the leading orthopedic material supplier with a focus on new material solutions to support medical market trends. With extensive knowledge in materials, Marini actively engages in projects with OEMs to develop supply chain solutions for the medical industry.

Gaurav Lalwani, Ph.D., Medical Applications Development Engineer, Carpenter Technology
Dr. Lalwani manages the technology portfolio and new product development strategy for the medical business unit. He is currently engaged in the development of novel wrought and additive solutions for the medical device industry. With a Masters and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Stony Brook University with a focus on materials science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, Dr. Lalwani was the co-founder of Millennial Material & Devices and Vice President of Research for Theragnostic Technologies Inc.— seed stage biomedical startups. He is an active member of ASTM, MRS, BMES, ECS and other societies and holds a keen interest in promoting inclusive education and food safety by supporting and advising organizations focused on social entrepreneurship.

Gordon Hunter, Ph.D., Principal Manager of Materials Science, Smith+Nephew
Dr. Hunter manages the standardization of materials and manufacturing processes used for making orthopedic devices. He is involved with the commercial implementation of new materials and processes. He led the development and implementation of OXINIUM, oxidized zirconium knee and hip prostheses, and continues to coordinate efforts involving that technology. He also works with polyethylene, bone ingrowth surfaces and powder metal technologies. He received the 2017 ASTM Ogden Award for accomplishments in reactive and refractory alloy technology, and the 2005 ASM Engineering Materials Achievement Award for the development of OXINIUM implants. 

Chuck Hansford, Director Advanced Development Center of Excellence, Tecomet
Hansford oversees all Additive Manufacturing, R&D and production at multiple Tecomet sites. He joined Tecomet in 2017 with 35 years of product development experience and 26 years of additive manufacturing experience (plastic & metal). Previously, he was a Senior Manager of Prototype Development with Ethicon Endo-Surgery (J&J), before moving on to Morris Technologies as Vice President of Medical, responsible for all subtractive and additive manufacturing business. While at Morris, his team was responsible for the development of the first two FDA 510(k)-cleared additive manufactured implants from DMLS technology, which are still in production.

Dale Tempco, Industry Consultant
Tempco is a medical device consultant specializing in product development, operations, quality, design for manufacturability, supply chain, M&A and finance. He has expertise in low-cost sourcing, design transfer, special process validation, cleaning validation, QMS, additive manufacturing, failure analysis and cost accounting, and has extensive global experience in China, Costa Rica, Europe and the Middle East.

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